We open the bridges between Europe and CIS states

Arthis GmbH is a future-oriented company, which also acts as an industry agency in the CIS-countries.

We aim at giving our partners confidence in orienting in new countries and discovering new markets. We see ourselves as an external sales department of our partner companies and as a connective link between the customer and the manufacturer.

Russia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine… –we feel at home in those countries,

we know their mentality, their traditions and speak their languages.

Combined with our extensive sales experience,

it brings enormous advantages to our partners.


Our strategy is tying together innovation and

information flows, creating added value through

professional product consulting in customers’

native language and active marketing

at the point of sale.


Customized solutions, constant dialogue

with our customers and an attractive

acquisition – all that secures our future

and the future of our partners

on the highly-attractive Eastern market!


In short, we build bridges between European and first

and foremost between German economy and the CIS countries.